Escape the Ordinary near New Hope

Delaware River

Our guests often share musings with us of their ordinary days . . .

How their eyes continually shift as they sit in the boring, I mean board room hoping the sun will find a tiny opening in the shade and seek them out. They daydream of basking in sun rays upon their face even if briefly. Just as the rays finally dance across their nose, and a smile crosses their lips someone notices. Their gaze returns front and center and the corners of their mouth quickly return to a flat line. Now the heart is pounding and the focus lost. What did I miss? Did my boss see my mind wandering? Oh no, oh no, oh no. I must focus, I must focus ahhhh how I wish I was relaxing by a river somewhere at a boutique hotel near New Hope.

They push the button and the door opens, backpacks are flung inside and a hockey stick grazes the back of their head. “Sorry Mrs. Young” they hear as they watch the mud filled cleats brush across the seats one by one until the door starts to close. As they begin to drive they hear the crunching of energy bar wrappers and the pop of the drink bottles and there it isĀ  – a plethora of junk food crumbs and spatters strewn from floor to ceiling. The smiles and laughs make it all worth it, well most days anyways, other days they secretly wish for an escape.

These are the stories we love . . . those of an ordinary day, the ones that often include hints of the crafty plotting of an escape.

We invite you to throw caution to the wind and “Escape the Ordinary” this Spring to Bridgeton House on the Delaware where otherwise ordinary days become extraordinary. Come relax, unwind and reset – you will find plenty to do, unless you prefer to do nothing and that can be arranged too!

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