A Social Distancing Getaway

A perfect relaxing social distancing getaway – a new twist on the traditional Bucks County, PA road trip and riverside romantic getaway.

Bench on River Dock

Due to the spread of the Corona Virus, we find ourselves living in a unique time – all of us. As we begin to emerge from our isolation, we are likely to see many changes to our daily routines and nowhere is that more true than in how we will plan and execute our leisure travel. Your getaways, at least for the next 6 months to a year, will likely include social distancing activities, self sanitizing, private dining options and fresh air. Yes Fresh air – a likely mandatory requirement in your future travel plans. It’s good, really good for you and you will find it plentiful along the shores of the Delaware River.

We can’t advise you to travel right now, or even leave your house for that matter, but rather we encourage you to listen to science and adhere to any local mandates that apply to travel in your hometown. BUT, cabin fever is inevitable and once you emerge from your hibernation you may find that a social distancing getaway is not only rewarding, but quite easily accomplished at this award winning riverside boutique hotel in historic Bucks County, PA.

Bucks County Covered Bridge with Fall colored trees

While you are dreaming of a getaway, let us help you with planning a future stay. Bridgeton House is a quick road trip from New York City (just a 90 minute drive)  and an easy drive-to destination from Philadelphia (about a 1 hour drive), and social distancing activities abound.

  • Take a drive on the back roads of Bucks County, a bike or convertible is strongly encouraged if you have them, if not windows down will suffice.
  • High Rocks at Ralph Stover Park – get above the crowds and enjoy the view.
  • Covered Bridge Tours – a great way to enjoy history and nature.
  • Visit a local winery for curbside pick-up and enjoy it on your private riverside porch.
  • Hiking on the Canal Tow Path – 60 feet wide (enough to keep your 6 foot distance) and 60 miles long.
  • Kayaking and Tubing – spread out on the river and enjoy the sun, water and views.
  • In-room picnic baskets: So romantic when enjoyed on the banks of the Delaware River or on your private riverside balcony.
  • Visit Ringing Rocks – There are lots of rocks – enough to spread out with your hammer – bring good shoes for climbing.
  • Stop by VanSant Historic Air Field to watch vintage aircraft come and go or just enjoy the beautiful setting of this quaint country airport.
  • Go Geocaching – If you are new to geocaching, get the app and start exploring.
  • Top Rock Trail at Nockamixon State Park is a nice hike and view of Haycock Mountain.
  • Enjoy fine dining with curbside pick-up from some of our favorites like Bamboo House, Cascade Lodge and The Narrows.
  • Barn Voyage – a wonderful drive to enjoy historic barns and bucolic meadows.
  • Visit the Giving Pond for an afternoon of hiking, picnicking or kayaking.

For now, be safe and keep dreaming! We’ll be here when you are ready for your getaway and we can’t wait to see you on the River!


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