Some Kind of Wonderful

The long days of March are slowly giving way to the warmth of the sun. Snowdrops are up & they whisper,  ”it won’t be long now”.

But we all feel the pull towards outside. Plans are a foot for the garden, the dock, our 32nd season!
We have only been outside to run from the door, to the car & back again. The ferocious wind has made being outside an Olympic sport, a dash to shelter.

But inside- Windows on the river, warm apple cake coming out of the oven & a wonderful fire warming up the eyes & the soul.

Last year we began experimenting with private in room dining, wine & cheese trays, picnic baskets. Who knew that these would become one of the most popular things we have ever done? Relaxing, watching the light move across the river, while eating some of the best food in the County…That is some kinda wonderful……….