Autumn at the Inn

Room with a view

Room with a view….

As the leaves turn crimson, our actions turn inward. We are as busy as the squirrels! Time to tend to fireplaces, stack wood, bring the plants indoors from their Summer vacation, tackle the closets, organize, consolidate…… But wait, one look out the window of the Fall color on the river or that slanting light through the trees & suddenly we need to be outside.

A quick walk restores some balance, watching nature make her slow, bit steady stride towards rest. I guess that is why we turn our thoughts to hearth & home. Afternoon tea has a nice place in our day, to pause for a while, watching the light cross the room. Thoughts soon return to moving that piece of furniture here or ridding ourselves of the excess of ‘collection’.

Nature has a way of making us turn inward as we ready ourselves for the months of her rest ahead. Living along the river roots us to her, and makes us even more aware more of this change. Yesterday at the inn, a bald eagle flew over the bridge & up the river!  We were fortunate to have been distracted enough from our work to be day dreaming out the window, gawking at the color. Our reward was this awesome sight!