Pennsylvania Wineries :: The Art of Winemaking


While one might not connect Pennsylvania with wine making, the state is home to more than 200 wineries, and to twelve wine trails. Pennsylvania’s wineries have a long and varied heritage of wine making. Pennsylvania’s moderate climate and its terrain allow it to provide outstanding growing conditions for a host of varieties of grapes. It is the diversity of soils which produces a unique blend of tastes in the wines.

The art of wine making, using vines including those that are native, hybrid varieties and/or artisan vinifera vines, allows for nuances in the wines produced in this area to please even the most particular palette.

Wine making in Pennsylvania

Wineries near Bridgeton House offer many different ways to get to know wine. For the newly dabbling taster to the one who has an established wine cellar of their own, the richness of the area’s long history of wine making and wineries have something to offer anyone who would like to toast a time away.

Alba Vineyards, founded in 1980 is based on simple, sustainable agriculture. A visit to this decades old winery offers reflects the area’s long-standing agricultural traditions, but with a new viticultural twist. The historic barn which now houses the winery and tasting room was originally constructed in 1850. Within the old stone walls, the aroma of fermenting and aging wine fills the air. A large showroom, tasting room and wine cellars tour are available.

With a long heritage of wine making, Sand Castle Winery was founded by brothers Joseph and Paul Maxian. The two were were born and raised in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, a region renowned for fine wine making, migrated to this country and brought the traditions of their native land with them. The vines are exclusively Vitis Vinifera, seedlings cloned from European stock. The winery began with 56,000 of these young plants painstakingly hand planted. Sand Castle relies entirely on its own harvest to produce their wine.

Villa Milagro  earns its name as the house of miracles because of its spectacular views of the Delaware River. The winery employs sustainable practices and minimal inputs to grow their vines using pesticides and herbicides that are approved for organic use all while providing a protective habitat for native birds, plants and wildlife. Reservations are required for this haven of tranquility, as a tour of the vineyard, then the processing facility then a wine tasting with hot hors d’oeuvres is all a part of the experience.

Romantic Dinner on the Delaware River

These are just a sampling of the many wineries to wet the appetite for some fine wine. So, get away from life’s frenetic pace and come be introduced to one or more of the wineries of which Pennsylvania so proudly boasts. The beautiful Bridgeton House, in the heart of the state’s wine country, offers many possibilities for a relaxing repass while touring.

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