The Delaware Suite

New Hope Inn It all started at the end of January 2011. We silenced our cell phones as we went into the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia. We enjoyed such a wonderful concert for 90 minutes. When Charles & I returned to the street, we turned our phones back on & they both went off with text & voice messages. A pipe had burst at the New Hope inn in Room 3. So much water had permeated the floor, in this second story room, that it caused the ceiling to collapse into the River Suite below. So much for our after concert dinner… we made it back to the inn in about an hour.

Our unexpected ‘project’ had begun. We had 2 rooms to face & we went for it. The River Suite has a wonderful new look. We added a 2 person whirlpool, radiant heat, new super quiet A/C, and a new bathroom. Charles likes to call it my Rittenhouse bath, as it has white subway tiles & a black & white tile floor, as well as a second tub! The flat panel TV over the fireplace gives it a nice modern feel with that BH twist. We opened this room in May and it has been very well received.

The Delaware Suite aka Room 3, was a bit more complicated. We combined 2 rooms to make one spectacular suite. It is a real water world. It has an enormous 2 person heated whirlpool, an exquisitely tiled, over sized 2 person walk in shower and a fireplace. It all flows out onto a spacious porch and that wonderful river view, our inspiration for 30 years. Sitting in the tub, facing the fireplace & watching the river is a real treat!  Of course we were calling it the ‘Waterloo Suite’ as Charles, the designer & builder, had such a small window of time each day to work. He and his crew juggled so much in between check out & check in. Diane & I would have to go in to remind them about check in time approaching, the joke became ‘Hammer Quietly”. (They were never happy to see us!)

Yesterday, as we were photographing the room, a lovely newlywed couple had just arrived to check into another room. As they walked passed the opened door to the Delaware Suite, they really wanted to stay in the new room. We had to scramble as we were not quite ready for guests. But we pulled it off. What a great new beginning for the Suite, christened by newlyweds just beginning their lives together!