Finest Fall Colors in Bucks County :: Fall Foliage Tours

Despite the rave reviews for a fall foliage tour of New England, it is Bucks County, PA that holds the hidden secret of the finest fall colors. The hills and valleys of the Delaware River towns of Bucks County are transformed into a veritable kaleidoscope of colors in the cool of the Autumn days. Maples and oaks are in their splendor as they are splayed across the county.

Make your way through Bucks County, even on a grey day which offers a splendor all of its own, and take in the artist’s palette of colors, then find your way to the charming boutique Bridgeton House on the Delaware and settle in for a romantic getaway. In the gloaming of the evening, the view from any of the private porches at this most enchanting inn will thrill even the most discerning traveler.

Fall in Bucks CountyTaking in the fall hues can be done in a veritable array of ways as creative as the colors to be seen. From walking to riding, from floating through the skies to trekking the hills, no view in Bucks County in the fall is any less beautiful than the next.

It is simple to satisfy your cravings for a luxurious getaway, fine food and the grandest artist palette splayed for all to see during your stay. A wide array of Autumnal colors can be seen from a birds eye view with the Alexandria Balloon Flights. A panoramic view is at its best as one soars atop the trees in a fabled hot air balloon. This picturesque adventure couldn’t get much better. Unless of course you would rather keep your feet on the ground. A trek up Bowman’s Hill Tower, located in the Washington’s Crossing Historic Park, affords those with willing feet a fourteen mile view across the pristine Pennsylvania hillside.

For the avid history buff along with the view from the tower, Washington’s Historic Park not only has fine fall foliage but a stroll through the park brings history alive with 500 acres dedicated to bringing American history to life. Buildings, equipment, machinery and artifacts relating to the colonial period can be found at the park, along with seasonal weekly activities. The visitor’s center is open every day from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. There are guided tours from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. On Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. A farmer’s market offers fresh tastes, local produce and a taste of fall with homemade edible goods.

fall foliage toursIf walking the historic park is not to your liking, leave the footwork to the New Hope and Ivyland Passenger Train which offers a true trip into the past. Passengers not only are left speechless by the views from the windows but they get to step back in time without ever leaving their seat. Climb aboard the 1920s vintage steam locomotive and sit and relax or take a stroll to the antique bar car.  The train traverses through the same historic route that was filmed in the 1914 movie series the Perils of Pauline. Those wanting to embark on the train can do so at the New Hope or Lahashka Station.

Whatever way you choose to enjoy the fall foliage, you will be sure to be enamored by your stay in Bucks County.

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