The Delaware River – A Summer Recreation Haven

The beautiful Delaware River: we love to talk about it and we love to write about it. It is in our blood and it is truly our backyard thus sanctioning us the privilege to enjoy all of its splendor. It is difficult to choose a favorite activity so we arbitrarily share our favorites here.

Enjoy the gorgeous sunset along Delaware River near our PA inn.At our PA inn, we find that no matter the weather outside,  gazing at the river offers a placidity that is difficult to find in our daily hectic schedules. Viewing the sunset (best viewed from the bridge, dock or lower river terrace), watching the raindrops as they dance across the river’s surface (best viewed from our screened porches or the riverside tea house), or absorbing the warmth of the sun as it bounces from the ripples of the current onto our cheeks (best viewed from the dock or riverside patio) offers an easy path to peaceful relaxation.

On those days featuring brilliant blue skies, white fluffy clouds and sparkling sun rays, we prefer to be on the river if not in it. Kayaking is the easiest way to explore the river, local eddy’s and channels while offering a great upper body work-out. When afforded the opportunity to travel one-way, we grab a canoe or a tube to wile away the afternoon.Try kayaking along the Delaware River near our PA inn!

When we don’t feel like leaving the respite of the inn, we request a picnic basket from chef Karen to enjoy riverside. As the temperatures soar we grab a beach towel from the back porch and take a quick dip from the dock – oh so refreshing.

Leisurely fishing can be had off the dock, but to fulfill an angler’s bounty which may be inclusive of  smallmouth bass, stripers, walleye, shad and catfiish depending on the time of day and the season you choose, you may prefer to hire a river guide. Either way, a license is required.  If fishing is not your partner’s cup of tea – choose a bike ride along the tow path with views of the canal, river and amazing bird watching opportunities or perhaps a day at the spa?

For the perfect ending to  your days on the river, don’t miss a sunset cruise on the Bucks County Riverboat (temporarily closed due to COVID-19), a fireworks cruise in New Hope on select Fridays, or dining al fresco in a local eatery.

Take an amazing fireworks cruise along the Delaware River near our PA inn!

Knowing the river – its beauty and history as well as its hazards will provide you  many hours if not days of summer enjoyment. We recommend planning your trip on a weekday if possible – you will feel like you have the river all to yourself. Local liveries help visitors enjoy a safe trip with the necessary equipment, the convenience of shuttles from end to end, and words of advice that will make your river travel the best it can be.

And never forget your camera – we guarantee you will be snapping away!

Stay Small, Stay Safe

We are excited to welcome guests to our beautiful riverside inn! The health and safety of our guests and staff are our top priority, and we have made some important changes to prepare for your visit. Find out how you can stay small and stay safe!

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