Bucks County PA’s Finest Fall Color Getaway

Despite the rave reviews for a fall foliage tour of New England, it is Bucks County, PA that holds the secret hidden gem of the finest fall colors. The hills and valleys of the quaint Delaware River towns of Bucks County are transformed into a veritable kaleidoscope of colors in the cool of the Autumn days. Maples and oaks are in their splendor as they are splayed across the county.

As you make your way through Bucks County, even on a grey day (which offers a splendor all of its own), one can relish in the artist’s palette of colors while winding your way to the charming boutique Bridgeton House on the Delaware. Take a few days and settle in for a most romantic Bucks County fall getaway. In the gloaming of the evening, the view from any of the private porches at this most enchanting inn will thrill even the most discerning traveler. Find yourself lucky enough to be staying mid-month when the Hunter’s Moon arises over the river, adding a soft glow to the vivid color and you will know you have hit the jackpot.

Taking in the fall hues can be done in a veritable array of ways as creative as the colors to be seen. From walking to riding, from floating through the skies to trekking the hills, no view in Bucks County in the fall is any less beautiful than the next.

A view of trees in the fallIt is simple to satisfy your cravings of Fall . . . that tugging at your heart strings for long walks through the chilly air, snuggling by a fire and a sense of togetherness with the one you love during your Bridgeton House getaway.


Visits to local orchards for apple picking and pumpkin picking, sampling fine local wines and local Fall festivals all combine to create a luxurious visit with fine food, panoramic Autumnal views and a picturesque adventure that cannot be topped anywhere in the world.

If you have yet to be swayed to book today, check out this very special and exclusive package to help enhance your visit. Come, Fall in love.