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High & Dry

We are high & dry, as usual. The area looks good, we have had a few road closures. The real problem was flash flooding on small creeks & streams. Some areas received over 4 inches of rain in an hour!

Power is back on & our phones are working!

We have a couple of spots left for Labor Day Weekend & there are lots of fun things to do, join the fun!

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Miss Mira surveying from her perch

MiraSweet Mira, our 13 year old girl.

She loves squirrels, other dogs & a croissant ends. It has been so hot that we have had very short walks on the towpath.

This afternoon the heat wave broke with a big downpour. After the storm she did not want to go out. Yes, she is a waterdog, but she hates to get her feet wet!

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Tulips and Daffodils

spring at the bridgeton houseWe have been spending the off season redoing & repainting. Room 5 got a new look and a new floor. It looks so fresh & welcoming.

With last week’s 70 degree temperatures, we had all the fountains running. We turned them off this weekend as it dropped below freezing.

At least 6 of our goldfish made it through the winter & are waking up to splash of the fountain.

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Spring is Just Around the Corner

spring in bucks county on the delaware riverWell, maybe it is 2 months away…

Right now the canal is frozen & ice skating is so much fun.

The mergansers are fishing in the river, I wonder what they find when they dive down into that chilly water?

Their white & black bodies stand out against the grey water.

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Tub Time for Two

bridgeton house luxury and relaxationOne of the many luxuries available at Bridgeton House.

Fill up that double whirlpool, light the fire, pour some wine and let the RELAXATION begin…

Really want to go all out, let us arrange a couples massage….

A feather bed never felt better with this prescription

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