A New Year..

“A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.”- Carl Reiner
The man makes a good point!  However, it is quite stunning along the Delaware River.

Happy New Year!! We had an amazing 2013! It was wonderful to have so many old friends join us again and to welcome new friends to the inn. So many wonderful memories: We had the opportunity to play paparazzi & to assist in the set up, for a fella who was home for a few days from the Army. He proposed to his long time girlfriend on our Penthouse deck, SO romantic! Of course she said Yes!
We had some lovely Private Dining experiences, thanks to Chef Karen, including an elopement dinner. After being married on the bridge, they retreated to the Boat House courtyard at sunset, enjoyed a sumptuous feast, riverside, by candlelight.
So many beautiful stories and we hope to share more of them as we move into 2014. Life moves at such a fast pace these days. As innkeepers, having the opportunity to help folks who visit the Bridgeton House, decompress and relax is quite an honor. So take time to smell the roses this year, make us the address for slowing down & turning off. We look forward to welcoming you!-Clair O’Hara- Director of Guest Services



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Watching the colors fade

Such a long, lovely Fall. We have had the most delightful weather and have made good use of it. Visiting farmers markets, Solebury orchards for the best Honey Crisps ever, loading up on squashes, pumpkins & late Fall greens.
Nothing can compare to a lovely walk along the towpath, observing everyday, the slightest changes. We note the trees that are the longest holdouts, waiting the very last moment to turn.
We are busy stacking wood & mulching beds for their long Winter’s nap. Evenings by the fire, after a hot soak in the tub to easy sore muscles, helps us slip into a new routine- it’s dark by 5PM! By- Bea Briggs
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Summer Time & the living is Easy…..

Summer, along the banks of the Delaware, is at a languid pace.

We slow way down, eating fresh picked peaches, from Philips Farm or tomato sandwiches on crusty bread with lots of mayo.

We ride bikes along the towpath with our backpack, packed with the above & then spread the blanket under a magnificent tree.

With so many places to explore, it is hard to decide which way to head, but one thing is for sure-

We head back to the inn to for that most refreshing swim off our dock & a glass of wine to toast the setting sun. By Bea Briggs

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Some Kind of Wonderful

The long days of March are slowly giving way to the warmth of the sun. Snowdrops are up & they whisper,  ”it won’t be long now”.

But we all feel the pull towards outside. Plans are a foot for the garden, the dock, our 32nd season!
We have only been outside to run from the door, to the car & back again. The ferocious wind has made being outside an Olympic sport, a dash to shelter.

But inside- Windows on the river, warm apple cake coming out of the oven & a wonderful fire warming up the eyes & the soul.

Last year we began experimenting with private in room dining, wine & cheese trays, picnic baskets. Who knew that these would become one of the most popular things we have ever done? Relaxing, watching the light move across the river, while eating some of the best food in the County…That is some kinda wonderful……….

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Winter in the Country

The week after Thanksgiving, the inn becomes a haven of quiet. The river passes the season with beautiful browns & stark deep blues. Mornings are foggy as the water temperature is warmer than the air, some mornings we can’t even see the town across the river. But as the sun slow rises above the river the fog dances in a channel slowly rising, until it’s is whisked away by the warmth of the air.
We start soon after the Thanksgiving weekend decorating for the holidays. We begin with the twinkle lights on the river side porch, which gives the inn a ‘showboat’ look after dark. Wreaths are put on the doors, mantles & window sills are filled with greens. The transition is slow but oh so wonderful. Bringing the outside in to the inn.
The first three weekends are a slower pace, which we love. For the last several years we have had our Winter in the Country package. Since we started this package it has grown in popularity. We have our bonfire, which we have moved to the fountain patio, it looks fabulous from the riverside porches! Hot cocco & chef Pat’s marshmallows. Saturday afternoon sees cookie baking with chef Pat in the inn’s beautiful kitchen, guest love sampling & leave with our secret recipes. Sunday features champagne brunch, late check out, then wreath making with Mark Bryan at his wonderful shop. Later it’s more champagne & shopping discounts at Left Bank Home- such a wonderful shop in Frenchtown, NJ. Great fun & we hope you can join us, as we celebrate the season!
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